Manual / Module and Guidelines on Water Sanitation and Hygiene

ToT on WaSH

1.   ToT on Sustainable WaSH

2.   Training on Developing a Curriculum on WaSH

3.   Hygiene Promotion for Health worker

4.   Hygiene Promotion for Field worker

5.   Participatory Hygiene And Sanitation Transformation(PHAST)

6.   Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion for School Teacher

7.   Hygiene Promotion Manual

8.   Community led Total Sanitation(CLTS) Program

9.   Arsenic mitigation and water quality

10. Arsenic Awareness & Mitigation

11. Health Practitioners on Arsenicosis Patients Management

WASH Governance

1. WaSH Governance and services

2. Sustainability of WaSH Governance and services

3. Community management promotion and wash governance

Climate change and Disaster management

1. Awareness building on Climate resilient Wash service

2. Disaster preparedness and management

3. Disaster resilient WaSH development

4. Disaster Preparedness and Management WaSH

Customized / tailor made modules Module

1.   TOT Module for BRAC WASH -BRAC

2.   TOT on Arsenic Mitigation and organizational

3.   TOT on Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water-SHEWA-B

4.   ToT on Hygiene promotion -URB

5.   Sensitization of Water use for urban Community-CEGIS

6.   Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion -BCAS

7.   Wash for Union level-BRAC

8.   Wash for Upazilla level-BRAC

9.   Sanitation Program Implementation for Primary Teacher(DPHE)

10. School Hygiene Promotion Guideline-DPHE

11. PHAST Step- by -Step guide-SIDA,WHO & UNDP

12. Hygiene and Sanitation development-UPI

13. Promotional activity for Safe water and Sanitation-IWS for Costal       Belt

14. Rural Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Supply Project       ESHWSRA(GOB-UNICEF )Project

Technical Skill Development Training

1. Guideline on Safe Water Technology and latrine Installation

2. Technology Marketing for New Latrine producer

3. Module on deep-set Pump for caretaker

4. Caretaker manual on Rain water harvesting system

5. Rain water Harvesting System for Mason

Manual / Module and Guidelines on Organizational Development and Management

Project Management

1. Organizational development and management

2. Communication & Facilitation skills development

3. Orientation on WaSH for Village Police/Ansar VDP

4. Sustainable WaSH program Management

5. WaSH program Management for PNGOs Managers

6. Logical Framework and Project planning

7. Project Cycle Management

8. Effective Participation of LGI’s on Rural WaSH Program

Gender Development on WaSH

1. Gender Sensitization

2. Gender Policy development

3. Gender Issues in WaSH

4. WaSH Program and Gender

Financial Management

1. Finance management & Procurement – European Union

2. Book keeping and financial management - SDC

3. Micro Finance Operations & Management - InM

4. Basic Book Keeping and Accounting Management for MFIs - InM

5. Development (BAMWSP-DPHE)

6. Implementation and Monitoring Financial and Accounts     Management (HYSAWA Project)

Leadership development

1. Religious leaders orientation

2. Leadership in Development for the VDC Members (Basic)

3. Leadership in Development for the Village WASH Committee

4. Management and Leadership in Development for VDC Member

5. Local Resource Mobilization

Advocacy and Net working

1. Advocacy to Sensitize Local GIs

2. Advocacy and Networking

3. Basic techniques of advocacy

Supportive supervision and monitoring

1. Supportive supervision and monitoring

2. Guide line on Participatory Monitoring

Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)

1. Peoples participation for Development

2. Participatory Reflection and Action

3. Community managed sustainable WaSH program

4. Orientation on VDC Planning for PRA Methods

5. Community Action Plan

6. Social mobilization and peoples participation