Development Communication

“A picture of a visual material can express a message than cannot be explained with even a thousand words” The importance of Information Education and Communication (IEC) and Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) lies in the above statement. Development communication has already been recognized one of the most important and central issue of the development process. The main aspect of development communication is communication for development. In this line the main objective of the IEC and BCC materials are to provide information, creating awareness and to motivate in practicing a new habit and help enhancing the skill thus being positive changes in the traditional/ongoing practices of the community people.

Contact Information

Waresul Haque

Manager, Development Communication

  Mobile : 88-01815002113


NGO Forum for Public Health has been working for about three decades for the promotion of WaSH among the community people. From the very beginning under the development communication activities different IEC/BCC materials are being developed and they are being distributed to the targeted communities through different training, motivation, and information exchange activities. Among communication these materials there are different information Materials Package, Poster, Booklet, Leaflet, Guide book, Flipchart, Flash card, Audio Visual etc.

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The center of all the development initiative of NGO Forum for Public Health is the target community. Therefore all the development communication activities are planned and implemented in such a manner so that it can be appropriate for the target community and make the development initiative more meaningful and effective.

The “P” process is followed while preparing the IEC/BCC materials. In this process participation of people from all walks of life is ensured. The message and the pictures are selected in such a way so that it can be understandable to both literate and illiterate. In every stage of the development of a material from the beginning to the end, feasibility, field testing, opinions of the target community and the experts are taken into account. Not only NGO Forum for Public Health utilized these IEC/BCC materials but other organizations who are involved in WaSH intervention (Go, NGO, UN Bodies) and those who are interested in using the IEC/BCC materials are using them widely.

Development communication department of NGO Forum will support to others in development process and production of any type of sectoral IEC/BCC materials.