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Visiting Water Network Distribution(WDN) point and observing World Chorldren's Day

Today, 25th November, 2020, Mr. Shah Rezwan Hayat, Honorable Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC), Cox’s Bazar visited Water Network Distribution(WDN) point in Camp 7 under NGOF-UNICEF Project.During the visit, modalities of WDN was briefed by Mr. Mosarraf Hossain, Project Coordinator of NGO Forum for Public Health. At that time, all of the CICs of camp 2-west, 2-east, camp-6 and Camp 7 and the officials of RRRC from Cox’s Bazar office were present in the visit as well. In addition, World Children's Day has been observed in Camp 6 at the same day. Besides,Mr. Md.Musfiqul Alam Halim, CIC of Camp-6 has inaugurated a FSM in Camp 6 and also visited the working area of NGO Forum as well. On the other hand, yesterday 24th November, 2020- World Toilet Day was observed in camp-7 in the presence of the CIC, Md, Nazmul Hoque Sumon.