Health & Hygiene Promotion

NGO Forum has focused on improved health and hygiene promotion measures in the context of people’s adaptation to social accountability approach during the reporting period. Through di¬fferent project activities NGO Forum has reached to the people in need and also involving the relevant stakeholders through discussion meeting, day observance, promotion of hygiene education, water safety plan and wash promotion. In the Rohingya refugee context, distribution of hygiene kits, top-up kits, hand washing device, bin, aqua tabs, Non Food Items (NFI), child potty, bucket, Diarrhea kits was distributed on a regular basis as per the sector standards. The Camp cleaning campaign program organized bimonthly in the Rohingya Refugees camps. This rapid cleaning campaign by a team consist of Volunteers, community leaders and WASH committee members with the view of cleaning the surface area of all blocks. In this program, NGO Forum provided all the logistic support to the team. Hygiene Promotion Session : Awareness buildings through the hygiene promotion sessions on di¬fferent issues are the critical activities conducted by NGO Forum round the year. The sessions mainly targets the female, male, adolescent and children groups to educate them on the important hygiene issues like Hand Washing with soap, Water Safety Plan (WSP), Sanitation and Hygiene, Environmental Hygiene and Food Hygiene, Personal Hygiene and Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM). The Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) is the most discussed issue in the extension camps as they are seriously vulnerable to this disease. Mass Awareness Events : Popular theatre, video show, Folk song and di¬fferent cultural events have been organized by the local Theatre and Cultural groups using the local languages and incorporating the promotional messages on hygiene behavior, use of safe water and safe sanitation practices.

Community Mobilization

The priority concern of NGO Forum is to create awareness among community people to change the behavioral pattern related to basic WatSan and hygiene practices. NGO Forum realizes that it is a challenge to change people’s long practiced behavior. But it has been proved that Community Mobilization held the potential to create a permanent impact in the target areas. Realizing this NGO Forum facilitates a wide range of Community Mobilization activities through its partners since it believes that sustainable WatSan promotion can only be possible if changes come in people’s knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP)....

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Development Communication

Development communication has already been recognized one of the most important and central issue of the development process. The main aspect of development communication is communication for development. In this line the main objective of the IEC and BCC materials are to provide information, creating awareness and to motivate in practicing a new habit and help enhancing the skill thus being positive changes in the traditional/ongoing practices of the community people....

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