Water Quality Testing Laboratory

Water Quality Testing Laboratory (WQTL) of NGO Forum is the first certified laboratory in the NGO of Bangladesh equipped with modern technologies i.e. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), The Laboratory runs as a revenue generating unit with capability of testing 39 water quality parameters including arsenic and pathogens at a cheaper rate.



Provide sustainable access to quality testing facilities for both drinking and wastewater to sectoral stakeholders ranges from the community to government and non-government organizations, international agencies and private sector actors at a competitive price.

Service Delivery Mechanism

Individuals or organization can access service facilities directly from the laboratory or through nearest regional office of NGO Forum. Since the sample collection, preservation and transport plays a vital role on overall quality of test the laboratory much more concerned on the issues. Usually WQTL provide sample collection containers and written instruction of sample collection procedure as the collection and preservation techniques vary from parameter to parameter.

Services other than water quality test at laboratory like field test, MicroKit, training on water quality/arsenic mitigation issues, training/orientation on sample collection etc. can also be rendered directly from WQTL or through concerned regional office.


Quality Assurance & Quality control

The laboratory has designed, developed and documented its policies, systems, procedures and instructions in a way that assures the quality of tests and calibration results. The WQTL follows a standard quality control procedure to monitor the validity of its tests and calibration. The test results are also crosschecked by comparative analysis with different national and international reference laboratories. The laboratory has been recognized nationally and internationally through different performance evaluation exercise organized by WHO, IAEA, BCSIR etc. The WQTL scored 100% in the latest inter-laboratory compare is on exercise (Round Robin #7) conducted by BCSIR.


New Price list - 2019

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