Under the Development Communication services issue-based Posters were developed taking the vulnerabilities of different eco-zones into account. The Posters were widely disseminated among the community people to make them aware on safe water, sanitation and hygiene issues. It made the development initiatives of NGO Forum more meaningful and effective. Billboards with pictorial messages were used as significant IEC/BCC material and were set up at strategic points of the rural areas in collaboration with the Union Parishads, Partner NGOs and the local allies. In addition, Display Charts were exhibited at Union Parishads, school libraries and Upazila Parishads incorporating information on safe WaSH issues for raising awareness of members of LGIs, school students &teachers for their effective & efficient role in WaSH, health & environment promotion.

Hygiene Promotion Package for adaptation to personal hygiene in different ecological zones was developed following the PHAST Approach. The Package targeted the community people for bringing about behavioral and attitudinal changes among them. Flyer on water vulnerabilities and water-borne diseases was produced to disseminate Information among community people, VDC members, teachers, religious leaders, UP and PNGO staffs to make them aware about safe water use. A Community Mobilization Package on WaSH & health was developed to guide conduction of different community mobilization programmes including orientations, meetings, hygiene sessions and campaign. Flip Charts developed during the year were used by the trainers, field staff, PNGO staff, and social activists, VDC members to increase awareness and practices on the five major behavioral domains to prevent WaSH & Health vulnerabilities especially in HtR areas of rural Bangladesh.

To help the community leaders and selected Caretakers get trained on construction & maintenance of the sanitation facilities, Manual on Proper Installation and Maintenance of User-friendly Latrine in Hard-to-Reach Areas was developed. Besides, a Water Technology Operation/Caretakers’ Manual was developed targeting community leaders,Caretakers & Partner NGOs. Significant number of copies of the Manuals was distributed among the respective audiences to ensure the proper installation and maintenance by the Caretakers and community beneficiaries at rural level.