Policy & Strategies
Strategic Plan 2016-2020
Gender Policy
WatSan Policy (English / Bangla)
Watsan Policy Book.(New)
Human Resource Policies & Procedures – July 2012
Procurement Manual- July 2012
Staff Development Policy- July 2012
Recruitment Policies & Procedures- July 2012
Financial Manual- July 2012
Internal Audit Manual- July 2012
Guideline / Manual
Hygiene Session Conduction Guideline - 2012
Proper Installation and Maintenance of User friendly Latrine in Hard-to-reach Areas- 2012
Menstrual Hygiene Package- 2013
Promotional Activity Conduction Guideline- 2012
VDC Operational Manual- 2012
দলীয় গতিশীলতা ও নেতৃত্ব উন্নয়নে গ্রাম দলের ভূমিকা
Promotional Activities Implementation Guideline
School Watsan Manual
Manual on UP & LGI
Development of project operational policies guideline
Module on Disaster Preparedness & Management with focus on safe WatSan- 2012
Module on Community-managed Sustainable WatSan Programme- 2012
Module on Leadership in Development for the VDC Member- 2012
Manual on Community Participation and Mobilization in WatSan Promotion- 2013
Manual on Supportive Supervision - 2013
Manual on Communication and Facilitation- 2013
Case study / Success stories books
VDC Helping Thyself
Being Beside the Hard-to-Reach
Across the villages
The community comes forth
Inching Towards A New Horizon
Propelling Participation
A Silent Social Awakening
Safe Drop-The Safer Source
The Villages Stand Safe with Tap-water
A win over bad bygone habits
Counting on Catalysts
Total Sanitation : A Community Stake
Advancing through Advocacy
Rain Drops A New Hope
Sustaining the Success
They are back in life
Reaching the Hard-to Reach
Counting on LGI Capacity)
Case Study on Coping with Coastal Challenges (IWSPOIP-C)
Case Study Book CHT-V-l, ll, lll)
Case Study Book on United Centering- Water (CMWSP-CHT )
Case Study Book on Successful Community Initiative (Health Living in the Hill. –Cmwsp-Cht-Ec ).
Case Study Book on Mineral Deficient of Rain Water use(NRC)
Case Studies on Research Findings on Arsenic Issue for ICBAMP.
Reports / Documents
National Seminar Report - Year 1998 - Year 2012
Study on Sanitation and Hygiene Situation in (CHT), Bangladesh.
Study on Sanitation and Hygiene Situation in Haor Areas of Bangladesh.
Study on Sanitation and Hygiene Situation in Tidal Surge Areas, BD
Research Report’2010 (Ncsnp) Calimate Ch
Research Repor’2011(Iwspoipc) Calimate Change.
Impact Study Book on VSC.
KAP- Report Book (CHT- CMWSP)
Impact Study on Behavioral Change
Baseline Survey Report (EGCSP )
Baseline Study Report (May-00)
Baseline Survey Report (March-02)
Baseline Survey Report (NCSNP)
Baseline Survey Report (CHT )
Evaluation Report (1988 – 1989)
External Evaluation Report 1995
SOCMOB-Annual Report (95-96)
Evaluation Report(ARP-SDC)’Dec.03
Action Research on Context-specific User-friendly and Sustainable Water Supply, Sanitation Technologies and Hygiene
Baseline Study on Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene in Hard-to-Reach Areas in Bangladesh- December 2012
Midterm Review of Promotion of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene in Hard-to-Reach Areas of Rural Bangladesh
Participatory Vulnerability Assessment (PVA) and Local Adaptation Needs Assessment: Climate Change Resilient for the Hard- to-Reach Areas in Bangladesh- December 2012
World Water Day Seminar on Safe Water for Safe Food- 22 March 2012
World Water Day Seminar on Water Cooperation- The Zonal Context of Rural Bangladesh- 21 March 2013
6 Workshop/Round Table Discussion/Sensitization Meeting Reports, March 2012, May 2012, June 2012, July 2012, 1 November & 15 November 2012
3 Workshop Reports, July 2013, October 2013 & November 2013
Barisal Region
Bogra Region
Chittagong Region
Comilla Region
Dhaka Region
Dinajpur Region
Annual Report - Year 2013
Faridpur Region
Jessore Region
Khulna Region
Mymensingh Region
Rajshahi Region
Rangpur Region
Sylhet Region
Tangail Region
Research on Community Participation in Decision-Making Evidence from an experiment in providing safe drinking water in Bangladesh
Meet the Press - Presentation by Dr. Anwar Zahid, Ph.D.
Meet the Press - Presentation by Dr. Md. Sirajul Islam
Annual Report - Year 2014
World Water Day - Presentation by Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman
Annual Report - Year 2015
Evaluation Report,CMWSP-CHT, 2011
Evaluation Report,GTF Project, 2013
ROM Report,EGCSC Project, 2016
Annual Report - Year 2016
Audit Report 2017
Audit Report 2016
Audit Report 2015
Practicing Social Accountability in Securing Rights and Governance
Annual Report - Year 2017
Biennial Report - 2018 -2019
Organizational Brochure
IEC / BCC Materials
Poster on awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in Hard-to-Reach areas
Unhygienic Latrine
Child Malnutrition
Tubewell for Safe Water
Safe Water Preservation
Water Vulnerabilities & Water-Borne Diseases- 2012
Chobi Dekhe Golpo Bola (Bangla)
Shastho kotha (Bangla)
Dushon Chokro (Bangla)
Baktigoto Shastho Porichorja (Bangla)
Role of Imam in WaSH
Role of VDC
Social Mobilization
Environmental Sanitation in School: Role of Teachers
Role of Union Parishad
Water arrangement at Disaster Situation
Water Option Management at disaster situation
Governance in WatSan & LGIs role Governance in WatSan & LGIs role
Behavior change to reduce vulnerabilities from lack of Safe Water & Sanitation 2012
Women Health- 2013
Hazard Identification Card (6 Types) - 2013
Water Technology Manual (RWHS)
Water Technology Manual (Deep Tubewell)
Water Technology Manual (Deep-set Pump)
Water Technology Manual (Ring-well/Dug-well)
Water Technology Manual (No. 6 Tubewell)
Water Technology Operation Manual - 2012
Latrine Masion Manual
Manual on Water Seal Latrine (Ring,Slab & Pan).
Manual of Low Cost Sanitation Technology
Latrine Maintenance Manual
Manual on properinstallation and Maintenance of User Friendly Latrine in Hard-to-reach Areas (PWASH )
Advocacy Material Package for Decision-makers 2013
Advocacy Material Package for Decision-makers 2012
Hygiene Promotion Package – 2012
Material Package for Community Mobilization on WatSan & Hygiene- 2012
School Material Package on Hygiene Practices
Water Quality Material Package
School Watsan Upokoron Package
Hygiene Promotion Package for PHAST
Arsenic Package
Advocacy Handbook for Development Workers
Handbook on Water Quality Management
Context-specific Information Booklet on Health, Environment & WatSan Issues
Arsenic Booklet
Imam Pocket Booklet
Low Cost Technology on Sanitation Booklet
WatSan Information Booklet 1,2,3
Safe Water Technology Booklet
WSP Pictorial Guide Book
Book on WSP Protocol
Flash card on sanitation Lader