IEC/BCC Materials

Flash Card
Women Health- 2013
Hazard Identification Card (6 Types) - 2013
Flash card on sanitation Lader
Flip Chart
Behavior change to reduce vulnerabilities from lack of Safe Water & Sanitation 2012
Water Vulnerabilities & Water-Borne Diseases- 2012
Chobi Dekhe Golpo Bola (Bangla)
Shastho kotha (Bangla)
Dushon Chokro (Bangla)
Baktigoto Shastho Porichorja (Bangla)
Role of Imam in WaSH
Role of VDC
Social Mobilization
Environmental Sanitation in School: Role of Teachers
Role of Union Parishad
Water arrangement at Disaster Situation
Water Option Management at disaster situation
Governance in WatSan & LGIs role Governance in WatSan & LGIs role
Handbook / Information Booklet
Advocacy Handbook for Development Workers
Handbook on Water Quality Management
Context-specific Information Booklet on Health, Environment & WatSan Issues
Arsenic Booklet
Imam Pocket Booklet
Low Cost Technology on Sanitation Booklet
WatSan Information Booklet 1,2,3
Safe Water Technology Booklet
WSP Pictorial Guide Book
Book on WSP Protocol
Material Package
Advocacy Material Package for Decision-makers 2013
Advocacy Material Package for Decision-makers 2012
Hygiene Promotion Package – 2012
Material Package for Community Mobilization on WatSan & Hygiene- 2012
School Material Package on Hygiene Practices
Water Quality Material Package
School Watsan Upokoron Package
Hygiene Promotion Package for PHAST
Arsenic Package
Poster on awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in Hard-to-Reach areas
Unhygienic Latrine
Child Malnutrition
Tubewell for Safe Water
Safe Water Preservation
Sanitation Technology Manual
Latrine Masion Manual
Manual on Water Seal Latrine (Ring,Slab & Pan).
Manual of Low Cost Sanitation Technology
Latrine Maintenance Manual
Manual on properinstallation and Maintenance of User Friendly Latrine in Hard-to-reach Areas (PWASH )
Water Technology Manuals
Water Technology Manual (RWHS)
Water Technology Manual (Deep Tubewell)
Water Technology Manual (Deep-set Pump)
Water Technology Manual (Ring-well/Dug-well)
Water Technology Manual (No. 6 Tubewell)
Water Technology Operation Manual - 2012