Hygiene Session Conduction Guideline - 2012
Proper Installation and Maintenance of User friendly Latrine in Hard-to-reach Areas- 2012
Menstrual Hygiene Package- 2013
Promotional Activity Conduction Guideline- 2012
VDC Operational Manual- 2012
দলীয় গতিশীলতা ও নেতৃত্ব উন্নয়নে গ্রাম দলের ভূমিকা
Promotional Activities Implementation Guideline
School Watsan Manual
Manual on UP & LGI
Development of project operational policies guideline
Training Manual / Module
Module on Disaster Preparedness & Management with focus on safe WatSan- 2012
Module on Community-managed Sustainable WatSan Programme- 2012
Module on Leadership in Development for the VDC Member- 2012
Manual on Community Participation and Mobilization in WatSan Promotion- 2013
Manual on Supportive Supervision - 2013
Manual on Communication and Facilitation- 2013