Water Quality & Arsenic Mitigation

Screening of Tubewells :
NGO Forum as a part of its arsenic mitigation initiatives keeps the continuous process of screening Tubewells to detect arsenic in order to ensure safe drinking water at the community level. Tubewell water was tested by using comparatively reliable Hach Kit and Wagtech Kit.

Water Quality Testing in Laboratory :  
In order to ensure germs and bacteria-free safe drinking water among the community people NGO Forum has been running a Water Quality Testing Laboratory equipped with modern technologies i.e. Spectrophotometer and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). The Laboratory is a revenue generating unit and is operated by skilled staffs. The Laboratory also provided some other service like ‘Micro Kit’ besides its water quality testing services using 39 types of parameter.

Information Dissemination & Awareness Raising:  
To sensitize community people, LGIs, NGOs, development partners, policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders, NGO Forum, as an apex networking organization in the WatSan sector, has been disseminating important, updated, striking and necessary messages & information on arsenic. Different types of awareness-raising programme and activity are also going on in arsenic contaminated rural areas to sensitize and make the grassroots people aware of arsenic and arsenicosis. Different publications, periodicals, IEC materials, tool Kits and interpersonal activities are used as the tools of awareness-raising and information dissemination.

Hospital & Patient Management :
Arsenic is a significant health parameter and it causes different types of complicacy in the human body. Around 20-30 million people in the country are under the threat of arsenic contamination. NGO Forum continued its hospital & patient management-related activities through proper diagnosis of the arsenicosis, medicine support, installation of arsenic-free safe water options, dietary advice, regular follow-up, IGA income generating activities training, etc.

Inter-agency & Trans-sectoral Collaboration :
NGO Forum as an apex networking body in the WatSan sector maintained the network through collaboration & cooperation with the government organizations, agencies, LGIs, NGOs, PNGOs, private sector actors, policy-makers, donors, UN organizations and other relevant stakeholders with a view to sharing findings and experiences regarding implementation of mitigation initiatives on arsenic issues. A number of interpersonal events like workshop, discussion forum, seminar, meeting and sharing session have been organizing under this mitigation initiatives.