Software services

As NGO Forum moves towards a wider prospect of Public Health domain, it has integrated water, environment and health into its programme intervention with a view to addressing the emerging needs. In 2012, NGO Forum put enormous efforts in promoting WaSH governance at local level directing LGIs and the civil society towards pro-poor service delivery harmonizing with the newly adopted National Strategy for Water and Sanitation: Hard-to-Reach Areas of Bangladesh.In this connection the central focus of the programme interventions under the Software Services of NGO Forum remained on exploring and promoting governance besides technological aspects in hard-to-reach areas, sensitizing and developing capacity of service providers and end beneficiaries with new concepts and tools of WaSH governance. Software intervention throughout 2012 also pursued the promotion of climate-resilient and context-specific WaSH services addressing the multi-dimensional contexts of these areas. At the same time the organization took forward its networking programme in addressing these issues of the Sector considering people’s demand from the rights point of view. Following are NGO Forum’s Software Service package that created mobilization towards WaSH promotion and in turn contributed in Public Health promotion: