Safe Water Supply

Safe drinking water scarcity has been increasing in Bangladesh alarmingly. Due to rapidly growing population, declining of groundwater table, Arsenic contamination, saline intrusion in coastal belt, surface water pollution, etc are major causes of this scarcity. Therefore, people have to collect drinking water from distant places and use to spend a significant amount of time for collecting drinking water. From the commitment of NGO Forum to serve the people, especially disadvantaged and unserved people, appropriate water technologies have been promoted. Focusing on groundwater, surface water and rain-water based options including with some treatment processes, over the years, NGO Forum offered the following water supply technologies as alternative water supply options to address the needs of communities at different geo-physical and hydro-geological context.

Rain-water Harvesting System

Rain-water Harvesting System is something that simply collects the rain which falls onto roofs, then stores it in a tank on over ground or underground and ensures uses over the year round. When required, the water is then pumped, in the case of underground reservoir to the point of use and in case of over ground reservoir a tap is attached to reservoir. The system might be

Pond Sand Filter/Lake Sand Filter/River Sand Filter

PSF/LSF/RFS is installed near or on the bank of pond/lake/river, which does not dry up in the dry season. The water from the pond/lake/river is pumped by a manually operated hand tubewell to feed into treatment process like the filter bed, which is raised from ground, and the treated water is collected through tap(s).

Ring-well/ Dug-well

Ring-well & Dug-well are used where other options are not feasible particularly in rocky and stony hilly areas. The well is lined with concrete rings, constructed manually. The main feature of the NGO Forum’s Ring-well/Dug-well is the sanitary protection to avoid the bacteriological contamination and manually operated hand tube well which is used for water withdrawal. It is a kind of aerobic well where aquifer contamination with Arsenic, Iron.... Read more

Shallow Tubewell

Shallow Tubewell is very popular technology in rural Bangladesh because of its easy operating system and cost-effectiveness. This technology is one of the better technologies in rural Bangladesh where groundwater levels are close to the surface. This tubewell operates in suction mode at a level.

Deep Tubewell/ Deep-set Pump

Deep Tubewells & Deep-set Pumps have become very popular to the people of those areas where due to arsenic contamination and declination of groundwater table, shallow Tubewells have become inoperable. The water from this technology is free from any kind of pollution. Deep Tubewell generally installed in deep aquifer passing over two impervious layers. This tubewell operates same principle of no. 6 well as shallow tubewell when the static.... Read more