Now a days development organizations face rapid change like never before. However, increasingly diverse development scenario has a wide variety of needs and expectations and that must be understood through an academic way. This way is research. NGO Forum has a full fledged research cell with required trained and experienced manpower. For a sectoral organization like NGO Forum research has a particular significance, because the future activities / interventions will depend upon the e fficiency and high competitiveness of the organization. And thus the organization objectives can be achieved. For NGO Forum research is: to know about some series of activities, interventions and its impact on people and on region. Lessons learned from previous activities will be documented through research and taking corrective measures in future activities of NGO Forum. The Research services of NGO Forum initiates research with a view to helping humanity through promotion of Public Health and Improvement in the domains of environment. The purpose of research is about testing theories, often generated by past experiences of NGO Forum, and applying them to real situations addressing more than just abstract principles. The purpose of its research is really an on-going process of correcting and refining hypotheses, which leads to the acceptance of certain truths. NGO Forum, through its Research services is always undertaking exploratory, speculative, descriptive, explanatory, predictive and evaluative researches based on the present and apprehended challenging issues in the relevant development fields.