Promotional Activities

The priority concern of NGO Forum is to create awareness among community people to change the behavioral pattern related to basic WatSan and hygiene practices. NGO Forum realizes that it is a challenge to change people’s long practiced behavior. But it has been proved that Community Mobilization held the potential to create a permanent impact in the target areas. Realizing this NGO Forum facilitates a wide range of Community Mobilization activities through its partners since it believes that sustainable WatSan promotion can only be possible if changes come in people’s knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP).
The community people are the ultimate target of these activities. Besides, the staff of the partner NGOs and CBOs, the key community allies like, religious leaders, school teachers, local opinion leaders, LGIs and other relevant stakeholders who can play effective and significant roles as catalysts are also the target groups of this component. NGO Forum facilitates the implementation of various community mobilization activities with a view to building up capacity and raising awareness among its partners, community catalyst groups and the community people.
These activities are carried out by applying media-mix aids like, communication materials, interpersonal communication activities, the mass-media channels and so on. NGO Forum plays the moderating role by providing the support regarding technical knowledge, promotional messages in different Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials which have been proved very effective support aids for creating mass awareness and social mobilization.

The Community Mobilization activities are implemented covering the following three clusters: