Hygienic Sanitation

Even though the rate of latrine users has increased still coverage on Total Sanitation is not up to the mark. The situation in the hard-to-reach areas because of its geophysical realities is fragile in compare to plain land. In this regard, besides promotional activities, NGO Forum has taken initiatives in two ways to improve the sanitation condition, one is distribution of latrines and another is establishment of Village Sanitation Centre (VSCs). The Forum provides different hardware supports to the community people through VSCs and makes availability of latrines, especially low-cost and appropriate sanitary latrines among the target people. NGO Forum promoted the following sanitation technologies to increase the sanitation.

  • Production & Installation of Plastic Latrine
  • Reinforcement Cement Concrete Latrine (RCC)
  • Water-seal Latrine
  • Home-made Hygienic Latrine
  • San- plat Latrine
  • Eco-san latrine
  • Offset Latrine
  • Clay-ring
  • Twin-pit Latrine


Plastic Latrine

NGO Forum experimentally adopted an alternative latrine production options namely Plastic Latrine. Now the Forum produces the latrine regularly. The specialty of Plastic latrine is that it is easy to carry in the high altitude and sustainable. It is very popular in the hilly region.