Development Communication

Development Communication is an organized effort of systematically applying the processes, strategies, and principles of communication to bring about positive social change. The NGO Forum’s development communication strives to instill awareness and build capacity among the target communities toward coveted changes in regard to WatSan and hygiene.

To catalyze in change of Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) and reciprocate directly with the disadvantaged people at the grassroots level the NGO Forum’s development communication support has been playing significant role.

In the domain of WatSan sharply indicates that merely hardware support is not enough to ensure the effectiveness of development efforts, the visual aids contribute immensely in commencing the sensitization and motivation of the target community. The NGO Forum believes that to sensitize and motivate people, visual or pictorial material can disseminate information efficiently and easily in any socio-cultural environment.

Considering the importance of this powerful course to strengthen the implementation process of different promotional activities a wide range of Information Education and Communication (IEC) and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials have been being developed under NGO Forum’s Development Communication Services.

The centre of all the development initiative of NGO Forum for Public Health is the target community people to contribute to the improvement of public health & sound environment. NGO Forum requires some kind of behavior change on the part of UP, LGI and religious leader in the intervention locations. In order to effect behavior change, it is necessary to understand why people do what they do and understand the barriers to change or adopting new practices.

Prioritizing the collective development effort of all the vital sectors the NGO Forum’s Development Communication develops a good number of communication materials targeting the key people viz. Development workers, Activist in the WatSan private sector, LGIs, Trainers, Stakeholder, School Teacher and so on, as they can play an important role towards achieving the goal.