Advocacy Campaign

NGO forum has been running its advocacy campaigns considering the priority issues in relation to WatSan, health and environment on regular basis. Despite a significant achievement in water & sanitation coverage, alongside the experts, NGO Forum is seriously concerned over that it would never be possible to ensure safe WatSan facilities for all the people all over the country unless the people of hard-to-reach or pocket areas are addressed with special focus With an aim to reaching the hard-to-reach areas like the hill tracts, the coastal belt, the haor area, the char & off-shore islands, NGO Forumrecently ran the campaign titled ‘Be Beside the Hard-to-Reach’. Ensuring all the people’s access to safe WatSan, and health NGO Forum organized its advocacy campaign ‘Sanitation, Not Latrinization’.With a view to ensuring every people’s rights to water and sanitation, NGO Forum has been running its Advocacy Campaign, ‘Right to WatSan: Get It for All’. Different advocacy initiatives like consultation, experience sharing workshop, collaboration, seminar & symposium, fair etc. are being organized under these campaigns. Different IEC materials have also been published and audio-visual programmes have been developed and promoted through TV, radio and other electronic media to achieve these campaigns.