Advocacy & Information Services

Based on UN-declaration of safe water and sanitation as human rights, NGO Forum has been running an advocacy campaign titled Right to WatSan – Get it for All. Its objective is to ensure a right-based sectoral policy environment especially for the poor, vulnerable and excluded segments of the society. During 2012, multi-dimensional activities were conducted at both central and local level targeting policy-makers, programme planners, media, LGIs, civil society actors and hard-to-reach communities. Functioning of Union & Ward WatSan Committees and Disaster Management Committees and conduction of open budget at hard-to-reach areas such as haor, char, drought-prone, flood-prone and coastal areas along with the tea gardens and hills were major achievements under the Advocacy & Information Services.

The organization maintained a strong information-flow during the year to support its Advocacy campaign. Regular and updated information stream was maintained between field & central level. Besides, organizing and participating in relevant events, producing and broadcasting TV talk-shows, preparing and distributing different publications contributed significantly to deliver sectoral information to national and international stakeholders