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Article UN: Lack of hygiene kills one child every minute

Annually, more than 800,000 children under five die of diarrhea, this is what the official figures show, according to which, the main causes of death are sanitation and poor hygiene. For the first time this year the United Nations marked the World Toilet Day.

Official data show that some 2.5 billion people globally lack adequate sanitation. In this regard, the UN claims that sanitation is essential for human health and the environment, and sustainable development, dignity and opportunity.

"We need to urgently intensify our efforts with all stakeholders working together for fast, concrete results. And as we look beyond 2015, it is essential that sanitation be placed in the center of post-2015 development framework. The solutions should not be expensive or based on technology. There are many successful models that can be replicated and intensified. We must work to educate communities in risk and change on long term cultural perceptions and practices that do not belong to our modern world, "the UN message reads.

According to the UN, poor water quality and sanitation cost developing countries about $ 260 billion a year - 1.5 percent of their gross domestic product. On the other hand, every dollar invested can make a fivefold profit to maintain a healthy and productive population.

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