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The National Resource Centre (NRC), plays an active role in providing information and knowledge to all of its public health sector stakeholders and undertakes a range of knowledge management (KM) and knowledge sharing activities. On this page you will find:

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is the ongoing process of identifying, capturing, sharing and creating critical areas of knowledge in order to meet organisational needs. It aims to ensure the right knowledge is with the right people, at the right time.

Knowledge Management in action can involve any number of activities and is more about the process of knowledge transfer than on requiring any specific task to be undertaken. The type of activity selected may reflect the kind of knowledge desired or the organisational culture in which it is being carried out. Knowledge is often broken into two main categories, explicit and tacit.

  • Explicit knowledge is often referred to as ‘information’ and is knowledge that can be codified or written down. It often comes in the form of reports, manuals, process diagrams and step-by-step instructions. Because the knowledge is not stored in the individual, it is easily shared and transferred.

  • Tacit knowledge is generally based on an individual’s experiences and exposure, often developed over time through working in the same area or with the same people and activities. It is generally not something that is easy to articulate or write down and is stored in the individual in which it was developed. Because of this, tacit knowledge is often harder to transfer and may be done so through activities such as discussions, mentoring, job sharing or tasks where the individual can show or have a dynamic conversation about the knowledge in question.

    Knowledge management in the NRC aims to:

    • Increase staff awareness of what knowledge exists within the organisation.
    • Provide a platform for staff to share and create knowledge, as well as to provide support and increase organisational efficiencies.
    • Broaden and strengthen our network with external bodies involved in the development sector, specifically public health and the environment.

    KM resources

    boy with books

    Knowledge management (KM) resources from the Asian Development Bank
    • Harvesting knowledge
    • Storytelling
    • Communities of Practice 101
    • These documents can be accessed through our NRC library or downloaded from the ADB website.

Knowledge Management for Development Journal

NRC’s Knowledge Exchange Series

knowledge exchange session As part of NRC’s continued efforts to promote the transfer and sharing of public health related information and expertise, monthly internal meetings are run with NGO Forum staff where they are able to hear about and discuss different topics, themes and organisational activities. The purpose of these sessions is to provide a relaxed and informal platform where staff can gather to learn, contribute and talk about ideas and best practice with the hope that, through a combined understanding and development we will improve the services we offer and surface innovative ideas and areas for increased efficiency.

If you would like further information on any of our listed sessions, please contact us at nrc@ngof.org.

The following Knowledge Exchange sessions are planned for 2012:

  • January – the Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) approach
  • February – Knowledge Management and the Knowledge Worker
  • March – Public Health
  • May - Rights-Based Approach
  • July - Writing for Online/Documenting Our Work
  • July - Early Childhood Development

Knowledge Sharing Networks

handsThe NRC and its staff are members of a range of knowledge sharing and transfer networks related to the development sector. These networks enable expertise to be transferred across the sector and provide an online platform for ideas and learning to be developed.

Following is a list of such networks. If you would like to suggest a network to be included, please email us at nrc@ngof.org.

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