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FAQ Support to MS students

The NRC considers the development of human capital as an asset, and endeavours to support deserving students in Bangladesh.
Under the supervision of the NRC, MS students are offered financial and technical assistance to conduct research studies on Public Health, WatSan and/or the Environment, with linkages to relevant cross-cutting issues.
Contact us (http://www.ngof.org/nrc/page/contact_nrc.php) to discuss possible opportunities

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FAQ Internship Programme

The NRC extends support through creating an avenue of a well arranged internship for the university graduates. It is not only an important part of professional education but, at its best, also a means of personal development and growth. As the NRC is committed to extend its horizons with innovative and necessary programmes, based the on-going programme, it has initiated the Internship Programme with the aim to impart practical experiences to students, complementing their university course and enhancing their abilities to enter in the professional arena. This pragmatic capacity building effort is unique in the sector, and the NRC has been experiencing an exciting service delivery through its limited resource.

FAQ The Knowledge Corner

The National Resource Centre (NRC), plays an active role in providing information and knowledge to all of its public health sector stakeholders and undertakes a range of knowledge management (KM) and knowledge sharing activities.

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