Mr. S.M.A. Rashid

Executive Director

E-mail : ngof@bangla.net

HR & Administration

Head of HR & Admin.
E-mail : hr@ngof.org

National Resource Centre

Mr. Rizwan Ahmed
Head of National Resource Centre
E-mail : rizwan@ngof.org

Finance & Accounts

Head of Finance & Accounts
E-mail : 

Development Communication

Head of Development Communication
E-mail : devcom@ngof.org

Advocacy & Information

Mr. Joseph Halder
Head of  Advocacy & Information
E-mail : joseph@ngof.org

Environment & Water Quality Management

Mr. S.M. Shahidullah
Manager, WQTL
E-mail : wqtl@ngof.org

Field Operation

Head of  Field Operation
E-mail : zia@ngof.org

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Head of  Research, M & E
E-mail : salam@ngof.org


Mr. Syed Waliul Islam
Head of  Training
Tel: 8154273-4, 8128258-9 (Ext.130)
E-mail : wali@ngof.org