Sanitation and Cooking Facilities in Selected Communities for the Refugees Project


Funded By: HELVETAS Swiss Interco-operation Bangladesh

Duration of the Project: 06 months (January to June 2018)

Total population: 8,400 

Main Objectives:

Improve the sanitation of the most vulnerable people through Social infrastructures (Community Latrine, Community Kitchen and Bio-gas plant)

  • Mobilize the refugees to ensure hygiene practices through hygiene promotion sessions  
  • Installation of hygienic latrine blocks
  • Establishment of bio-gas plant with cooking facilities/kitchen with 2 burners
  • Save the environment 


  • Outcome-1 Beneficiaries use sanitation and functioning cooking facilities

Output 1.1 Latrines and hand-washing devices have been established and ready for use by the Rohingya beneficiaries (20 Latrines blocks with 4 chambers and hand cleaning)

Output 1.2 Kitchens with bio-gas system burners have been constructed and are ready for cooking by the Rohingya beneficiaries (6 Bio-gas plants with annexed kitchens) 


  • Outcome-2 Rohingya beneficiaries have access use of different hygiene practices

Output 2.1: Beneficiaries are aware and implement hygiene practices

Output 2.2: Beneficiaries of the kitchens are aware on hygiene food handling practices


Project Activities

  • Mobilize the refugees to ensure hygiene practices
  • Conduct hygiene promotion sessions  
  • Construction of block latrines
  • Establishment/construction of bio-gas plant
  • Establishment of kitchen with 2 burners
  • Ensure the use of kitchens on communal basis
  • Ensure the maintenance of the latrine blocks
  • Ensure the maintenance of bio-gas plants
  • Hygienic food handling practice