Enhancing inclusive disaster resilience in Bangladesh (DIPECHO VIII)

Funding Organization:  Oxfam GB


Project Period: March 2015 - August 2016



NGO Forum for Public Health has been working under DIPECHO programme from round VII as a partner of Oxfam. During last round which was called “Building a disaster resilient Bangladesh (DIPECHO VII)' initiative is now moving towards `Enhancing inclusive disaster resilience in Bangladesh' after endorsement and successful implementation of the Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) institutionalization model. Objective the action is to strengthen and expand institutionalization of Disaster Management Committees (DMC) by enforcing implementation of Disaster Management Act (DM Act) and Standing Orders on Disaster (SoD). This action will transfer skills to Master Trainers at District and Upazila, in order to conduct inclusive Community Risk Assessments (CRA), Urban Risk Assessment (URA) and develop inclusive Risk Reduction Action Plans (RRAP). The process develops Master Trainers at District, Upazila, and City Corporations and conducts inclusive CRA and URA and develops inclusive RRAP.


Major component of the project: CBDP & SBDP Model


Principal objective

To enhance the resilience of most at risk groups to the recurring and escalating disaster risks by

Advancing the DRR institutionalization process in Bangladesh..


Specific objective

To promote the standardized DRR Institutionalization models for mainstreaming into development.


Expected Result

Result-1 : Community Based Disaster Preparedness is in practice among relevant stakeholders in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh

Result-2: School Based Disaster Preparedness is adopted by relevant stakeholders and practiced in schools of Bangladesh

Result-3: Promote resilient livelihood initiatives and institutionalize among relevant stakeholder

Result 4: Advocate for risk informed policies and frameworks in Bangladesh


Project Locations: Mymensingh Pouroshova (Ward no 8,10,14,18,19)