Sensitizing the Pro-poor Service Promotion Securing Rights and Governance

Funding Agency : Manusher Jonno Foundation (under Creating Opportunity for Poor and Excluded –COPE Programme)


Duration of the Project:  27 months: October, 2014 - December, 2016 (Effective from November, 2014)



The goal of the Project is to contribute to “Reduce Peoples’ poverty and vulnerability”. While the purpose of this project is to ensure that service delivery institutions are more responsive. It is expected that, through improving responsiveness and good governance in local level public institutions, monitoring their performance with the active participation of various groups, this project will enhance the facilitation of capacity of Union Parishad, duty bearers, and stakeholders and increase responsiveness in local decision-making for demand-responsive services in the areas like agriculture extension, primary education, primary health care and social safety net programmes of the Government.


Outcome-1: People are organized to claim their rights

Outcome-2: Capacity of citizens in project areas to monitor activities of government service delivery institutions

Outcome-3: Capacity of the duty bearers increased


Thematic pillar/ Programmatic Area :

Ensuring responsiveness of public institutions


Outputs :


  • 1000 people are supported by the project to practice their rights
  • 700 Number of people from marginalized groups actively taking part in local government bodies and local fora
  • 2000 Number of children enrolled in primary schools
  • 400 Number of people sought information as per RTI law


  • 1275 Number of people involved in monitoring health, agricultural extension, education, safety-net
  • 140 GoB institutions/service providers monitored using social accountability tools


  • 1320 service providers/mandated committee members received capacity building support from the project
  • 160 mandated committees having regular meetings
  • 2000 safety-net beneficiaries enlisted through participatory process


Key Deliverables:

  • Awareness raising session on right issue and assist in claiming services for 14400 people
  • Organize 2 national level consultations on Pro-poor service Delivery & increasing responsiveness of the service providers
  • 240 Advocacy meeting with Upazila and District administration involving CSO Forum for improved service provision at district level
  • Forming and Orientation of 20 Farmers Committee
  • Sensitization of SMCs and PTA stakeholders for promoting and planning of better services in Education in 60 schools
  • Enrollment campaign in 60 schools
  • Activation of Citizen’s Information desk and RTI clinic (Initiating the RTI for greater citizen involvement) in 20 unions
  • Performing Social Audit for Enhanced accountability of the service providers in 20 unions
  • Community Assessment Process (CAP) using Community Score Card with interface meeting in 20 institutions
  • Organize Public Hearing for Greater participation of the community members in 20 union
  • Open budget Exercise in all Unions Parishad
  • Exposure visit (in country for the project staffs and beneficiaries)
  • Volunteer Training and Volunteer group activation
  • Establishment of suggestion box  in service providers
  • Displaying citizen’s charter at union/service provider's Level
  • Orientation of Community Clinic/FWC management committee and Health Service user groups
  • Consultation Meeting between Agriculture extension officials and  Farmers committee
  • Consultation Meeting with the Community Clinic management committee and Health Service user groups
  • Quarterly Meeting with Union standing committees (Including VGD, Health and Family Planning, Social welfare) for improvement of service delivery:
  • Orientation of UP and community group on Participatory Selection Process
  • Orientation for 2000 VGD card holders


Project Intervention Areas :



Number of Unions

Name of the Sub partner


Sylhet Sadar




Bogra Sadar


Grameen Alo





The project partner are experience in the field of promotion of governance, have strong institutional presence in the proposed working areas and also fits as per the eligibility criteria of MJF. Alongside, this partner organization have experience of working with MJF as partner organization.