Oxfam Humanitarian Capacity Building Project (OHCB)


Funding Organization:  Oxfam GB


Project Period: October 2015 - March 2016


Description: The Humanitarian Capacity Building initiative of Oxfam was launched in 2006 targeting Oxfam and its partner organizations to enhance the capacity to respond to humanitarian crises in an effective, timely and appropriate manner with an emphasis to the needs of women and other socially excluded groups. The Oxfam Humanitarian Capacity Building (OHCB) project aimed to contribute to measurable improvements in the living conditions of disaster affected populations in Bangladesh In the first and second phase of the project, Oxfam worked with 12 local partners and in the third phase the number of partners was increased to 19 local partners across the country.NGO Forum for Public Health is working as one of the partner under OHCB project.


Major component of the project: Humanitarian Response


Principal Objective:

To contribute to measurable improvements in the living conditions of disaster affected population in Bangladesh.


Specific Objective:

To enhance capacity of Oxfam Bangladesh for quick and appropriate humanitarian response in Bangladesh


Expected Result:

1. Improved organizational capacity: Increased technical capacity of organizations to respond to an emergency in a timely and effective manner

2. Improved surge capacity: Increased surge capacity at Oxfam and partners’ level in major sectors such as EFSL, WASH, etc;

3. Women’s transformational leadership: Increased number of women in a transformational leadership role to manage, coordinate and implement humanitarian response in a more gender sensitive way with Oxfam and selected strategic partner organizations;

4. Accountability through learning and linking: Improved practice of accountability through capturing, documenting and disseminating lessons learnt and demonstrating these during emergency programming

5.Improved coordination under this project: Improved coordination among the key stakeholders (government + NGOs) through joined and coordinated effort in initiating emergency response.


Project Locations: Dhaka City Corporations