Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor


Funded by:

Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)



June 2013 – March 2016



·  Demonstrate replicable and financially viable water and sanitation service models that reach low income urban consumers

·  Build institutional and service provider capacity, together with supportive policies, which will sustain the improvement  process into the future

·  Use evidence from 1 and 2 to mobilize and/or better target finance (household, public, private, Govt.) to fund the service improvement process into  the future Measure, research, learn & disseminate.


Expected Results:                  


· Improved and sustainable water services for 250,000 low income consumers in Dhaka/Chittagong, of which 100,000 have improved access  and 150,000 have improved quality of service.

· To facilitate easier access to legal water connections, the Programme will work with DWASA and other partners to identify suitable and sustainable water delivery models and to ensure the acceptability of these models.


·  Improved and sustainable communal sanitation services for 100,000 low income consumers in Dhaka.

·  Improved and sustainable school sanitation for 37,500 school children in Dhaka.

·  Improved and sustainable access to FSM services for 250,000 low income consumers in Dhaka/other cities.


Intervention Areas:

Zone 4, 5 & 10 of Dhaka City Corporation and selected schools under Dhaka Division