Urban Resilience Bangladesh


Funding Organization: : Oxfam GB


Project Period: April 2014 - March 2016


Urban Resilient Bangladesh is one small component of Oxfam’s Bangladesh Disaster Resilient Programme. Urban Resilient Bangladesh is part of Oxfam’s Project Direct.


Major component of the project: Urban DRR, Urban WASH


Overall Project impact:

Urban communities in Bangladesh are supported and empowered in getting their right and opportunities to better and secure lives.


Expected Project Outcomes:

•  Urban government and stakeholders of the Mymensingh Pourashava is more sensitive and responsive to complex urban issues especially those affecting urban poor and urban marginalised communities.

•  Urban communities have an increased knowledge and awareness on the hazards and risks of their city and able to practice basic preparedness measure when disaster occur.

•  Urban community especially poor community have an access to “disaster friendly” water and sanitation facilities.  


Project Outputs:

1.  All level of Disaster Management Committees and CBOs in both cities are re-activated or formed and bring a strong voice and taking charge on process of urban resilient measures as per mandated by Bangladesh DM Act 2012.

2. Communities as a whole are bringing forward the concepts of clean city and water for all in Mymensingh Pourashava.

3. Urban issues, lessons and knowledge are generated and shared at local and national level to influence policy makers and service providers to be more pro urban poor and to leverage more resources for urban programming. 


Project Location: Mymensingh Pourashava (Ward No 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14)