Funding Agency:  ProPortion Foundation, Netherlands


Duration: February 2016 to January 2017


ProPortionFoundation, Netherlands as specialists in business modelling together with NGO Forum intends to develop a business model for micro-entrepreneurs that meets the desire of individuals to test their wells on arsenic. In this social business venture, a business strategy will be developed and tested for a franchise chain of micro-entrepreneurial water testers. The riskiest assumption is that the fees paid for water testing services will not be sufficient for the micro-entrepreneurs to self-sustain themselves. Therefore, the testers will have a diverse customer-centric portfolio of services, also providing maintenance and repairing services, spare parts for wells up to offering soil fertility testing services to farmers. Water testers will also advise their customers about what they can do if their drinking water is found to contain too much arsenic. Alternatively, to directly selling to well owners, Uday can also approach the government and NGOs as customers (B2B sales) in specific regions, being much more efficient and cost-effective. In that case, Uday does not need to compete in areas where there is well testing being offered for free by the government or NGOs.



Uday aims to increase the health of people living in the arsenic prone areas.


Customer target group/beneficiaries

The indirect target group of this project are the 22 million people in Bangladesh who drink water with excessive levels of arsenic. The direct target group during this ‘proof of concept’ phase is the population of Sreenagar Upazila under the district Munshiganj and Nawabganj Upazila under the district of Dhaka. The estimated amount of affected people in that area is more than 60,000 people.


Project location:             

8 unions under Sreenagar & Nawabganj Upazilas of Munshiganj and Dhaka Districts of Bangladesh