Improving access to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) Facilities for urban slum dwellers


Funding Organization:  Oxfam GB


Project Period: January 2015 – December 2015 (Second Phase will be started from 2016)


Total Budget: BDT 34,64,867 



With the support of JOAC and Oxfam, this project aims to transform the lives of 15,000 vulnerable women, men and children living in the slums of Mymensingh and Rangpur in Bangladesh, by improving access to safe water and sanitation for the long-term and in a way that withstands the threat of flooding. As an implementing partner of Oxfam, NGO Forum for Public Health is working in Mymenisngh under this project. The project will:


a) Construct and/or renovate water points, communal toilet facilities and bathing blocks;

b) Ensure community ownership and buy-in to operations and maintenance of the facilities;

c) Conduct hygiene promotion activities to support changes in behaviour, attitudes and belief about hygiene; and

d) Demonstrate to the local authorities how to design facilities that will last in a region prone to flooding; and how to engage with the community so that they maintain their assets.

Major component of the project: Urban WASH


Project Aim:

This project aims to provide increased access to long-term and sustainable safe drinking water and adequate levels of improved sanitation for at least 15,000 vulnerable women, men and children of extremely poor slum communities through building flood-resistant basic WASH services and supporting them with operations and maintenance processes and hygiene awareness promotion.


Project objectives:

1) 12,000 slum dwellers (women, men, and children) have increased access to flood resistant

Water facilities within a standard distance.7

2) 4,000 slum dwellers have access to hygienic, dignified sanitation facilities within a standard distance.


Project Locations: Mymensingh Pouroshova (Ward No 18-Maloncho Slum, Ward No 18-Maloncho Slum)