Building a Disaster Resilient Bangladesh (Under DIPECHO-VII)

Funded By:

ECHO (85%) and a co-funding of Oxfam (15%).


May 2013 to November 2014.

Modus operandi

Partnership with Oxfam

Total Budget: 

BDT 4,576,700



Principal objectives: To increase resilience and establish a culture of disaster risk reduction among communities and institutions vulnerable to natural hazards in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh

Specific objectives: To promote standardized DIPECHO urban and rural Community Base Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) models with a focus on inclusion and replication through integration into DRR instruments and development programmes

Key Results

Result 1: A rural CBDRR model is scaled up and replicated through integration into development planning and implementation processes

Result 2: An urban CBDRR model is demonstrated and replicated where key urban stakeholders develop capacity to carry out coordinated response and mainstream DRR into development

Result 3: Implementation of Disaster Management policy framework is enhanced by strong coordination and evidence based advocacy to Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief and Ministry of Local Government Rural Development & Cooperative

Result 4: Targeted communities are receiving appropriate early warning messages in emergency situations and are undertaking prescribed behaviours.      

Project Intervention Areas

Dhaka and Sylhet


Project Coordinator, Finance and Logistics Officer, shared staffs service

Key Deliverables

  • Signing of MOU on different activities with related institutions
  • Institutionalization and standardization of the capacity building process
  • Institutionalization DRR into WASH
  • Observe the Disaster Preparedness Day (National and/or International)
  • Initiate and facilitate all the different capacity building activities for intended institutions on humanitarian  principles
  • Facilitate development of BNBC monitoring and implementation mechanism including facilitation of TOT for related town planning authorities.
  • Facilitate the activation of National Platform and support its regular meetings
  • Facilitate Joint DIPECHO Partners in Bangladesh project inception, sharing and lessons learning workshops (regional or national)