Human Resource Development Programme for Sustainable Water Supply, Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion


Funding Agency : MISEREOR 

Project Duration : 1 July 2007  - 31 December 2010


Objective :

Improved Capacity of NGO Forum, local NGOs, CBOs, LGIs and other relevant stakeholders to implement sustainable water supply sanitation and hygiene promotion programme


Expected Result : 

  • The capacity of the staff of NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation increased to address the changing situation in the WatSan Sector. 
  • Organisational capacity of the local organisation enhanced to monitor and implement Gender Sensitive WatSan Programmes. 
  • The number of social catalyst increased for the implementation of water supply and sanitation programme at the grassroots level. 
  • The involvement of the Local Government Institutions increased at the local level for the promotion of the Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene. 
  • Capacity of the staff of the local organisation enhanced to plan and implement the Community Led Total Sanitation, hygiene and the water supply programme.
  • Institutional Capacity of NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation increased for holding different human resource development initiatives at regional level. 
  • Networking and Collaboration established on Capacity Building and Human Resource Development Issues among the key stakeholders at national and international level 


Major Activties : 

  • 350 Core group trainers have been developed from the trained partners staff. The trained staffs of the local NGOs are able to prepare their lesson plan before conduction of any session, formulate training evaluation, provide necessary information and look after the task of follow up.
  • The core group trainers are playing a leadership role in their organization.
  • Skilled staffs are being developed to implement promotional activity.
  • Important messages are delivered at the community level.
  • The staffs of the local organization as well as the community people are well aware on arsenic issue and its mitigation.
  • Local theater groups are developed with potentiality to organize and conduct drama and cultural shows on watsan issues. They even can develop messages on watsan issue on their own.
  • Skilled masons are developed for intallation on different alternative water options and latrine.
  • The local organizations are working actively in the community. They can manage different programmes, plan their own activity, taking part and conducting advocacy programme, monitoring their activity and implementing the cross cutting issues in their programme.
  • Respective community of the Oriented Stakeholders and Community Catalysts are now involved in mobilizing people on Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygienic Behavior and they are taking part in different promotional activities.
  • The Union Parishad, Union WatSan Committee and the Union WatSan Committee members carrying out different Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion activities and taking different initiatives in Planning, Monitoring and implementing WatSan activities. They are also taking part in organizing and participating different promotional activities.
  • The UWCs are playing active role in the improvement of WatSan situation of the Ward/Union. The committees prepare work/action plan and follow up their activities on a regular basis. Female members of the committee are actively taking part in the promotion of WatSan.
  • The community is well aware to install their different Safe Water Supply Technologies and Low-cost Latrines with the help of trained private masons.
  • The community acquiring the messages on watsan through different shows, dramas and cultural activities organized by the local cultural and theater groups.
  • Community people are installing different Alternative Safe Water Supply Technologies and low-cost latrines. They are well aware on the importance of using safe water and practicing hygiene behavior and using sanitary latrines. As a result, people are less affected by water born diseases and diarrhoea. They are aware on importance of Environmental Sanitation, keeping the households clean and disposing domestic waste in pits.
  • A Network has been established between the like mended organizations
  • Exchange visit are conducted in between the partner organizations and Union parishads with in the country to observe the best practice of selected partner and best working areas
  • The staff of the Forum are skilled through training conducted abroad and with in the country.
  • Exchange visit were conducted between NGO Forum and other organization to learn new approaches and visit their working areas; like visit to BARCIK & CARITAS where implementation of People led approach were seen.
  • Set of modules/materials are developed by the Forums training team.
  • The training team has conducted customized training courses and took initiatives for training marketing.
  • Corporate, national and International sector are using the benefits of the systematic training of NGO Forum. 


Implementation Area : All over Bangladesh