Enhancing Environmental Health by Community Organizations (EEHCO) Urban project


FUNDING AGENCY:  WaterAid Bangladesh


PROJECT PERIOD:  April 2009- June 2010



Strengthen and increase the capacity of community based organizations (CBO) and civil society so that they can facilitate to increase the access and rights on WatSan by undertaking WatSan related advocacy initiatives within the city and become able to make the service delivery organizations more responsive in favour of poor and vulnerable.


  • All slum CBOs and Ward Citizen Committee which ware formed under ASEH will be capable enough to undertake the overall management of WatSan related issues of their CBOs for sustainability and play active advocacy role.
  • Practices of hygienic behaviour of targeted beneficiaries living in the working slum in Chittagong City will be increased significantly by the active role of HP volunteer and CBO.
  • A City Civil Society Organization’s (CSO) WatSan Network will be formed and be in active mode to raise different WatSan right based issues to the concern authority and functional enough to undertake relevant advocacy initiatives.
  • A City wide solid waste management plan involving GO-NGO-Community will be developed and all slums under selected three wards of ASEH will be under the improved solid waste management system.
  • City authority will be responsiveness to slum dwellers and incorporate slum dwellers in their yearly plan development and CDA will include slums in their master plan.efficiently monitor the sanitation status through regular meeting of sanitation task force


Working area:

District :  Chitagong,
City Corporation : Ward- 17, 18, 19, Slum - 20