Enhancing Environmental Health by Community Organizations (EEHCO) Rural project


FUNDING AGENCY: WaterAid Bangladesh

PROJECT PERIOD:  April 2009- June 2010



Strengthen and increase the capacity of community base organization (CBO) and civil society organization (CSO) WatSan network to undertake WatSan related initiatives for increasing the access and rights of marginalized and make the service delivery organizations more responsive in favour of poor and vulnerable.


  • All CBO will be capable enough to undertake the overall management of the WatSan Situation of their CBO and play active advocacy role.
  • Citizen’s actions committee at different level and district Civil Society Organization’s (CSO) WatSan Network will be in active mode to raise different WatSan related issues to the concern authority and functional enough to undertake related advocacy initiatives on behalf of poor and marginalized.
  • Selected poor and vulnerable communities in project area have access of Sustainable WatSan facilities.
  • Whole communities in selected area use improved hygiene practices.
  • Local govt. (LGI) and Public service delivery institution (PSDI) are more sensitive to utilize the resources in sanitation and responses demand of safe and adequate water for poor people living in working areas
  • Local govt. institutions efficiently monitor the sanitation status through regular meeting of sanitation task force


Working Area : 



Total Union


Thakurgaon Sadar