Adaptation to Climate Change for Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Services and Community Resilience Building in Coastal Areas

Funding Agency : PKSF (Community Climate Change Project) under BCCRF


Duration of the Project:  24 months: August, 2014 - July, 2016 (Effective from September, 2014)


Goal: Enhance capacity of the selected communities to increase their resilience to the impacts of climate change



1. Access to safe & climate resilient water and sanitation services increased; 2. Knowledge and practice on climate resilient WaSH  service among the targeted communities enhanced 


Thematic pillar and programs of BCCSAP 2009, that the project address :   

Theme (T-1) “Food Security, Social Protection and Health”, and particularly the Programme “Water and Sanitation for Climate Vulnerable areas” (P-7) for climate change adaptation measures to undertake water and sanitation programmes in areas at risk.


Outputs : ·        

  • More than 1250 HHs have access to Safe and climate resilient water supply
  • About 500 HH provisioned with sanitation facilities under the project support
  • Hygiene education conducted among 500 HH
  • Around 100 caretakers trained on Operation and maintenance of water options
  • Participation and sensitization of around 100 service providers/civil society members through networking


Key Deliverables :

  • Installation of 70 Deep Tube Well with raised platform
  • Installation and Functioning of Portable Saline Water Treatment plan
  • Installation of 200 HH based innovative Desalination Plant
  • Construction of 500 HH based latrine (Raised Plinth)
  • Installation of 50 Climate Resilient HH based RWHS
  • Hygiene Session with female and adolescent groups
  • Networking with LGIs and Civil society


Project Intervention Areas :

District: Patuakhali

Upazila: Galachipa

Unions: 1.Galachipa Sadar Union & 2. Ratandi Taltoli Union