Safe Water Upgraded the Marginalized

Depressed economic condition, insufficient government services, backward social norms & values, deprivation from basic rights and many more barriers are integral part of the day labourer indigenous population of Borishalla, a small village under Nizampur Union of Chapai Nawabganj District. Presence of diseases, lack of income generating activities, violence against women, family dispute, etc are common phenomena in the village reflecting vulnerability and marginal condition of the inhabitants.


While working in that underprivileged community, NGO Forum found water scarcity is increasing their vulnerability manifold. Reducing water shortage may contribute to minimize the distress and upgrade everyday life of the indigenous inhabitants. After situation analysis, sensitization and awareness building activities were conducted for both Union Parishad (UP) and community people. As a result, in 2012 a Deep-set Pump was installed there costing tk 54,500. Community people shared 10% of the cost based on the Ability to Pay Analysis. The UP was involved in the whole process. Thus, the inhabitants now receive safe water without difficulty. The female family members are able to spend more hours in domestic and income generating activities while before, they had to spend 3 hours in a day to collect water from distance places. It was causing altercation with husband and hampering their security. The collected water was not hygienic also. Consequently, every month 3-4 days were lost on an average due to water-borne diseases. A family had to spend tk. 350-450 in a month for treatment which was a big burden for the marginalized community. Now water-borne diseases have decreased significantly. Work days are not lost any more. People have initiated saving money and planning for future use. Thus installation of the Pump has reduced some major stress of the deprived people of Borishalla village and made their day to day life easy.