Community Mobilization and Development of Action Plan for Rural Non-Piped Water supply scheme and Community Awareness Building on Sanitation and Hygiene (North-South Zone-185 Unions)


Funded By:

GoB-World Bank (Under BRWSSP-S 12 package); IDA Credit  #5075-BD


Duration of the Project:

30 months: Starting from November 2013 (Effective from November 19, 2013)


Modus operandi of the project

Joint Venture with Institute of Water Modelling (NGO Forum as Lead)


Objectives of the project

  • To mobilize and capacity building of the Local Government Institutions i.e. Union Parishads, Union Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Committees, and affected communities to manage the arsenic and/or other water contamination e.g. salinity crisis.
  • To promote sustainable sanitation services with special focus on people still defecating in the open as well as improvement of the quality of coverage for the existing population using unhygienic latrines.


Key Deliverables

·         Union Orientation Workshop for 185 unions

·         Organizing Training of Union Water supply and Sanitation committees: 26 nos.

·         Train up Community Development Promoters: 555 nos.

·         Baseline Data collection for 185 unions

·         Arsenic Testing & Marking for more than 3,30,000 water points

·         Ward Action Plan (Social Map, Sub-community Action Plan, Different Tools) development: 1665 nos.

·         Orienting Field Testers: 340 nos.

·         Orientation of Ward WatSan Committee: 1665 nos.

·         Hygiene Promotion Session with Mixed Groups: 8320 nos.

·         User group formation: 7000 nos.

·         Campaign for sanitation promotion: 185 nos.

.         Facilitating Contribution money collection (for 7000 water point and sanitation option) nos.