Sustainable Arsenic Mitigation Project (SASMIT)



Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)


1st April 2008 to May 2013


# Develop a sustainable option for safe drinking water for rural and disadvantaged community targeting safe aquifers for installation of community hand tubewells.

# Exchange experiences concerning feasibility of mitigation options. Increase global awareness of the problems associated with high groundwater of geogenic origin. 



# Assessment on geological and hydro-geological conditions of the intervention area through action research which will provide the following outputs: (i) detailed delineation of the sub-surface geology put emphasize on the delineation of brownish oxidized aquifer; (ii) geometry of the aquifers which produce safe drinking water and whether they can recommended for community driven tubewell installation considering the local technology and cost; and (iii) results based sustainability of these aquifers as sources of safe water bearing in mind both the physical and chemical hydro-geological aspects. 

# Assessment of the current status of As-safe water access and locate hardcore poor people based on the collection of survey data from secondary sources, village level consultation and analysis of these information. It will provide the real picture of the need of safe water options. 

# Identification of the optimum location for safe tubewell installation combining output of hydro-geological research and social data analysis (a+b). 

# If the targeted aquifer found sustainable as a safe water source, then education should be provided to the local drillers and users to promote this concept among different stakeholders including government and non-government agencies. This activity should be contributing to policy making also. 

# Install 300 safe-tubewells in the identified locations which is optimum in the context of hydro-geological context and social need, which will enhance the accessibility to safe water for the poor and disadvantaged community of the project area. 

# Sharing the research findings and experiences, and build up awareness nationally and globally through advocacy, conducting and/or participating in meetings, seminars, workshops and journal publications.


District : Chandpur, Upazilla : Matlab


MAJOR ACTIVITIES: (Software/Hardware)

# More than 90% acceptance of safe water options such as, tubewell, filter, PSF and RWH achieved among the people