HYSAWA: Water supply support and capacity building of Union Parishad



Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA)



1st May 2008 to 31st December 2011



The objective of the project is to build capacity of the Union Parishad to plan and manage water and sanitation projects effectively and efficiently, and to increase access to water supply services. 



1.Union Parishad will be capacitised for managing any other project properly and be able to procure with maintaining the PPR.

2.Union Parishad will be able to manage project related activities like sub-project proposal preparation,financial management, procurement, monitoring, etc. 

3.The hardcore poor who are unable to install water points with their own cost can get safe drinking water through the implementation of this project. 

4. Improved quality of life by introducing sustainable hygiene practices. 

5.Water contaminated disease will be reduced. 

6.Poverty will be decreased. 

7.Community will be aware of safe water and health. 


MAJOR ACTIVITIES: (Software/Hardware)

·  Different types of Water Points Installed: 6,584

· Training for the Union Parishad, Chairman and Members along with facilitating NGO Staffs of 351 Unions


 Training Activities:

- Project Development and Management
- Training on Financial Management
- Training on Procurement